Perioperative Nursing, Certificate

This program is designed to assist professional nurses to expand their knowledge, increase their sensitivity to human needs and become accountable to consumers in the nursing practice area of the operating room. Recognizing the perioperative nurse’s ongoing commitment to the surgical patient, the program offers courses that prepare neophytes for perioperative nursing practice as well as offering education to the experienced perioperative nurse who wishes to practice in the expanded role of the RN First Assistant.

Certain manual dexterity and sensory skills that enable the student to competently perform required technical skills are necessary for successful completion of the Perioperative Nursing program. Health problems that can interfere with the applicant’s ability to demonstrate achievement of program competencies are considered individually.

Because perioperative nurses act as advocates for consumers, course work is offered that develops nursing capability in the management of people and resources. The program prepares nurses in providing continuous, integrated care in preoperative assessment, intraoperative intervention, and postoperative evaluation as either a perioperative staff nurse or RN First Assistant.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Analyze established standards and recommended practices for perioperative nursing.
  • Identify processes for measuring the quality of patient care.
  • Assume responsibility for care given to surgical patients.
  • Apply the nursing diagnosis as the prescriptive principle that guides perioperative nursing activity.
  • Use the nursing process as the model for continuous and systematic data collection for the patient undergoing surgical intervention.
  • Value the surgical patient as the center of the broad scope of activities which encompass the professional practice of perioperative nursing.

Apply Now

Required CoursesCredits
NUS 205 - Perioperative Nursing3
NUS 206 - Perioperative Preceptorship3
NUS 207 - RN First Assistant3
NUS 208 - RN First Assistant Internship3
Required Electives
Health Care Management Elective 3 Credits

Total Credits: 15