Medical Assistant, Certificate of Proficiency

Effective: Spring, 2018

The Medical Assistant program prepares students as multi-skilled health care workers who function as assistants to physicians in a variety of ambulatory care settings. The responsibilities of the medical assistant include administrative and clinical duties. The Delaware County Community College Medical Assisting program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (www.caahep.org) upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB).

All medical assistant applicants are required to submit a "Criminal History Record Information Report" and be free of any conviction of elder or child abuse for 10 years prior to beginning the first clinical course.

Selected clinical externships will be provided in local medical offices under the supervision of the allied health faculty. These externships are work/learning experiences for which the student receives no monetary remuneration or other reimbursement.

Medical assistant students are required to sit for the National Certification Examination offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) at a designated time during enrollment in the Medical Assistant Practicum (AHM 199).  Medical assistant applicants are required to take college placement tests in math, reading and English skills. Any deficiencies must be remedied prior to registering for Medical Assistant Techniques and Practicum I (AHM 106). Certain manual dexterity and sensory abilities that will enable the student to competently perform required technical skills are necessary for successful completion of the Medical Assistant program. Health problems that can interfere with the applicant's ability to meet program competencies are considered individually.

All medical assistant students will need to have on file in the results of a complete physical examination including: laboratory tests, a complete blood count,seasonal influenza vaccine, a 10-panel urine drug screen, and a two-step PPD prior to beginning the clinical component of the program. Please refer to the pre-entrance medical record health form requirements from the Program Director. Additionally, students must have medical health insurance and be in compliance with recommendations for the Hepatitis B vaccine. Full CPR certification is required and you must submit a signed photocopy (both sides) of of the CPR Certification Card.  For example, acceptable CPR courses are the "Health Care Provider" (American Heart Association) or "Courses for the Professional" (American Red Cross) which are renewable every two years. Documentation of completion of the above must be on file in the Allied Health, Emergency Services and Nursing Department  prior to entering the Medical Assistant Practicum (AHM 199).

Students may be removed from the program for violation of patient safety, confidentiality or behavior incompatible with acceptable standards pending outcome of the appeal process.

In addition to the normal tuition and fees, medical assistant students are required to purchase uniforms and miscellaneous supplies

A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the program with a 2.0 GPA and a "C" or better in all AlHESN courses.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the curriculum, the medical assistant should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the anatomical structure and physiological functioning of the human body and of medical terms descriptive of body systems.
  • Identify the business/administrative and clinical duties of the medical assistant.
  • Describe the ethical and legal responsibilities of the medical assistant in the health-care delivery system.
  • Apply selected principles of biophysical and psychosocial sciences in providing assistance to the physician.
  • Maintain business and patient health records.
  • Function as an assistant to the physician in medical and/or other clinical settings.

A Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded upon successful completion of the required program with a 2.0 GPA and a "C" or better in all allied health courses.  The graduate is then eligible to write the examination for national certification administered through the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Apply Now

Third Semester (7 credits)

AHM 140 - Professional and Communication Issues in Health Care3
AHM 185 - Medical Office Management4

SUMMER II  - AHM 199 Medical Assistant Practicum   6 Credits

Total Credits: 43

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