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Human Resource Management, Certificate of Competency

Effective: Spring, 2019

According to the 21st Century Report published by Columbia University, human resource management is the second most import indispensable component of corporate performance and competitive advantage today. (the first is strategic planning in which human resource management plays a vital role.) Today’s rapidly changing business environment is forcing organizations to face many challenges such as workforce diversity, downsizing, shortages of skilled workers in the service industry, and the evolving roles of work and families.  The ability to manage people and processes is essential for successful careers in all levels and types of organizations. Organizations realize that to be successful in today’s complex business environment, they must have productive, motivated people. This program provides students with theories, principles, and skills necessary to find, develop and motivate today’s excellent workforce.

This program is designed for those individuals interested in careers in human resource management.  It is also designed for those individual interested in people relations and general management.  The focus of the program will be on developing a thorough understanding of the human resource processes of training, employee relations, staffing, and compensation and benefits.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • Explain the differences between management and leadership in organizations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge  in areas of human resource management including staffing, performance management, compensation and employee development.
  • Identify different leadership styles based on situational, individual and organizational characteristics.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of organizational goals, successes, change programs, and policies.
  • Explain organizational culture and theories as the basis for effective organizations.

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Required Courses
Required CoursesCredits
BUS 213 - Leadership3
BUS 214 - Organizational Behavior3
BUS 215 - Human Resource Management3
BUS 216 - Training & Development3
BUS 217 - Compensation & Benefits3
BUS 218 - Labor Relations3

Total Credits: 18

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