Entrepreneurship, Certificate

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship was created to meet the needs of students who want to develop and run their own companies or engage in entrepreneurship management practices. Through courses such as Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning Business Communications, and Law for the Entrepreneur, students gain insight into what skills are needed to become an Entrepreneur. The program is intended to integrate key requirements of any entrepreneurial effort. It requires a minimum of 22 credit hours and is comprised of seven courses.

The certificate program is designed to prepare students in both operational and skill aspects of the small enterprise. Such preparation will equip students with specific areas of skills or management to either enter an existing small firm or begin their own entrepreneurial enterprise. Courses are designed so that the student, through logical steps, understands the principles unique to small business operation. Successful completion of 22 credits may lead to a certificate of competency in Entrepreneurship. Practical knowledge in small business management, finance, marketing, sales, advertising and supervision are designed to prepare students for entry-level needs. Generally, transfer is not intended through this program. The Dean, Business/Computer Information Systems, should be consulted when considering use of credits for transfer. College-Sponsored Experiential Learning may be taken for credit while working in a small business with specific managerial duties.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Write a Business Plan.
  • Use terms and tactics within the small business environment.
  • Be able to develop a marketing plan.
  • Analyze and resolve problems involving finance.
  • Understand personal qualities needed to function effectively with individuals in supervision, evaluation and control.
  • Understand current legal issues involved in starting and operating a business.
  • Develop effective communication to administer policy both internally and externally.

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Required CoursesCredits
BUS 105 - Introduction to Entepreneurship3
BUS 106 - Entrepreneurship Seminar1
BUS 130 - Business Communication3
BUS 211 - Supervision3
BUS 230 - Principles of Marketing3
BUS 233 - Financial Planning3
BUS 243 - Legal Environment of Business3
Required Electives
Business Elective Credits 3

Total Credits: 22