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Construction Supervision, Certificate

The Construction Supervision program is designed for individuals with an established background in the construction trades who are seeking advancement to supervisory leadership positions. The core courses will develop an appreciation of the importance of good communication skills, human relations skills, and the fundamental challenges of achieving organizational goals through the efforts of others. Emphasis is placed on understanding the legal, contractual and organizational practices that form the basis of an effective construction organization. The Construction Supervision electives provide an additional component of focused activity relevant to the students particular trade background and professional goals. Typical job titles serviced by this curriculum include Construction Foreman, Construction Group Leader and Site Superintendent.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Manipulate technical information related to methods and materials of construction.
  • Explain the functions of standard construction documents and procedures.
  • Follow a standard protocol for the preparation of project data.
  • Discuss characteristics of effective leadership in achieving results through the effort of others.
  • Track time duration information for the completion of an activity.
  • Explain the application of common laws and regulations pertaining to job-site activity.
  • Define the elements of effective human relations on the job site.
  • Identify the specific components of a site management system.
  • Describe the critical elements of a job site safety program.
  • Define construction closeout procedures.

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First Semester (12 credits)

TCC 111 - Technical Communications3
TCS 100 - Construction Blueprint Reading3
TCS 108 - Construction Supervision3
Construction Supervision Elective 3 Credits

Second Semester (13 credits)

TCS 109 - Construction Project Administration3
MAT 128 - Algebra4
TCS 141 - Construction First Aid/Safety3
Construction Supervision Elective 3 Credits
Program Electives
Program ElectivesCredits
TCC 112 - CADD Graphics3
TCC 121 - Project Management Processes3
TCC 122 - 2-D CADD3
TCC 111 - Technical Communications3
TCC 112 - CADD Graphics3
TCS 131 - Estimating I3
TCS 132 - Estimating II3
TCS 221 - Construction Survey and Layout3
ARC 121 - Architectural Graphics I3
ARC 226 - Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings3
TME 216 - Statics and Strength of Material4

Total Credits: 25



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