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General Business, Associate in Applied Science

Effective: Fall, 2018

The General Business (BGEN) program is a career program designed for individuals who are interested in developing the knowledge and skills that are essential in current global business environment. Students are introduced to theory and the application of theory to management practices and principles.  Students explore the functional areas of business and the processes, policies, and strategies related to these areas.  The program also provides students with the competencies to write and speak effectively, and to communicate interpersonally.  This program prepares graduates for entry-level positions in the private and public sectors.  The program is also appropriate for individuals who hold a bachelor degree in a discipline other than business and who are interested in developing their business acumen for the workplace.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply management theories to management practice.
  • Use technology to complete common business functions, processes and communication.
  • Examine forces in the global business environment and analyze their impact on the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Exhibit competent and effective communication skills.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key practices and processes related to the functional areas within an organization.

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First Semester (15 credits)

ENG 100 - English Composition I3
DPR 100 - Introduction to Information Technology3
BUS 100 - Introduction to Business3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
BUS 104 - Mathematics for Business3
MAT 135 - Business Precalculus3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
COMM 100 - Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 111 - Public Speaking3

Second Semester (16 credits)

BUS 130 - Business Communication3
BUS 210 - Principles of Management3
BUS 213 - Leadership3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
ACC 100 - Applied Accounting3
ACC 111 - Financial Accounting3
Any Scientific Inquiry (SI) designated course - 4 credits

Third Semester (15 credits)

BUS 214 - Organizational Behavior3
BUS 215 - Human Resource Management3
Any Diversity and Social Justice (DJ) designated course - 3 credits
Program Electives -6 credits

Fourth Semester (15 credits)

BUS 230 - Principles of Marketing3
Any Global Understanding (GU) designated course -3 credits
Program Electives -9 credits

Recommended Program Electives:
ACC 100 Applied Accounting or ACC 111 - Financial Accounting (3 credits)
ACC 112 Managerial Accounting     (3 credits)
ACC 115 Computerized Accounting (3 credits)
BUS 216 - Training and Development (3 credits)
BUS 217 - Compensation and Benefits (3 credits)
BUS 218 - Labor Relations (3 credits)
BUS 231 Principles of Advertising  (3 credits)
BUS 243 Legal Environment of Business (3 credits)
DPR 101 Introduction to Computer Science  (3 credits)
DPR 105 Management Information Systems  (3 credits)
DPR 111 Advanced Office Software   (3 credits)
COMM 100 - Interpersonal Communication or COMM 111 - Public Speaking (3 credits)
COMM 104 - Introduction to Mass Communication  (3 credits)
COMM 115 - Introduction to Public Relations (3 credits)


Total Credits: 61