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Culinary Arts, Associate in Applied Science

The Culinary Arts, A.A.S program prepares students for employment in various segments of the foodservice industry in positions such as restaurant chef, banquet chef, sous chef, kitchen manager, production cook, line cook and prep cook.  The program includes academic courses, skills development in kitchen lab courses, and practical internship experience.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and use of foodservice and culinary terminology.
  • Exhibit the ability to identify various food products and their common uses.
  • Demonstrate various cooking methods and appropriate presentation techniques.
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly use and care for professional food and culinary tools.
  • Produce foods that meet employers' standards and satisfy consumer demands.
  • Exhibit ability to produce various ethnic and regional cuisines.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply principles of good nutrition in producing foods that meet consumer demands.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safe and food handling practices; receive food handlers' sanitation certification.
  • Seek successful employment in a wide variety of commercial and non-commercial food service operations.
  • Demonstrate accepted practices and procedures required for planning, operation and record keeping as applied in a restaurant, catering or food service operation.


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First Semester (15-16 credits)

HRM 110 - Food Sanitation and Safety Supervision3
CUL 115 - Professional Cooking I3
CUL 150 - Baking and Pastry Foundations I3
ENG 100 - English Composition I3
BUS 104 or Any Quantititive Reasoning designated course 3-4 credits

Second Semester (15 credits)

CUL 210 - Foodservice Purchasing3
CUL 215 - Menu Planning and Cost Control3
CUL 230 - Professional Cooking II3
DPR 100 or Any Information Technology designated course 3 credits
Any Global Understanding designated course 3 credits

Third Semester (16 credits)

HRM 100 - Introduction to Hospitality3
CUL 151 - Baking and Pastry Foundations II3
CUL 231 - Garde Manger3
BUS 130 or Any Oral Communication designated course - 3 credits
Any Scientific Inquiry designated science course - 4 credits

Fourth Semester (15 credits)

CUL 199 - Culinary Externship3
HRM 253 - Restaurant Management3
CUL 220 - Nutrition and the Hospitality Industry3
CUL 232 - International Cuisine3
SOC 110 or Any Diversity and Social Justice designated course - 3 credits

Total Credits: 61-62