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In accordance with Governor Wolf’s November 23 directive, the College has made some operational changes, effective November 30, that will allow us to complete the fall semester safely. Visit to access more information and student resources.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Programs of Study

  • Associate of Art (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.) and Associate of Fine Art (A.F.A.) degrees are transfer degrees for students planning on completing a 4-year baccalaureate program.
  • Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) are career preparation degrees (some may be transferable).
  • Certificates are short-term work force preparation or advancement programs.

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A list of program names, major codes, and program types.
Programs Major Code Type
Accounting (Professional), Certificate of Competency ACC Certificates
Accounting, Associate in Applied Science ACCT Career Degrees
Administration of Justice, Associate in Arts AADJ Transfer Degrees
Advanced Technology, Associate in Applied Science ADVT Career Degrees
Automotive Technology I, Certificate AUT Certificates
Automotive Technology II, Certificate AUTC Certificates
Business Administration - Associate of Science BUAD Transfer Degrees
Carpentry (Residential), Certificate of Proficiency CPT Certificates
Child Development Associate, Certificate of Competency ECA Certificates
CNC Programming - Lathe & Mill, Certificate of Proficiency CNC Certificates
Communication Arts, A.A. - Communication Studies Option COMM Transfer Degrees
Communication Arts, A.A. - Journalism Option JOUR Transfer Degrees
Communication Arts, A.A. - Theatre Option THEA Transfer Degrees
Computer Science, Associate in Science CIS Transfer Degrees
Computer-Aided Drafting, Certificate of Competency DDTC Certificates
Computer-Aided Machining Lathe, Mill and EDM, Certificate CAM Certificates
Construction Supervision, Certificate CSUP Certificates
Creative Writing, Associate in Fine Arts CW Transfer Degrees
Culinary Arts, Associate in Applied Science CUL Career Degrees
Culinary Arts, Certificate of Competency CULC Certificates
Early Childhood Director, Certificate ECD Certificates
Early Childhood Education, Associate in Arts ECED Transfer Degrees
Education, Associate in Arts EDUC Transfer Degrees
Electro-Mechanical Technologies, Certificate of Competency ELTC Certificates
Emergency Management and Planning, Associate in Applied Science EMER Career Degrees
Engineering, Associate in Science EGR Transfer Degrees
English, Associate in Arts ENG Transfer Degrees
General Business, Associate in Applied Science BGEN Career Degrees
General Studies, Associate in Applied Science GEN Career Degrees
Global Studies, Associate in Arts GLOS Transfer Degrees
Graphic Design, Associate in Fine Arts GRA Transfer Degrees
Health Care Management, Associate in Applied Science AHM Career Degrees
Health Studies - Neurodiagnostic Technology, Associate in Applied Science HSNT Career Degrees
Health Studies - Pre-Nursing Option, Associate in Applied Science HSTN Career Degrees
Health Studies, Associate in Applied Science HSTU Career Degrees
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Certificate HVA Certificates
History, Associate in Arts HIS Transfer Degrees
Hotel and Restaurant Management, Associate in Applied Science HRM Career Degrees
Human Resource Management, Certificate of Competency CHRM Certificates
Industrial Production Technician, Certificate of Proficiency IPT Certificates
Information Technology, Computer Programming, Associate in Applied Science DPRP Career Degrees
Information Technology, Game Development, Associate in Applied Science ITGD Career Degrees
Information Technology, Help Desk/Technical Support, Associate in Applied Science DPM Career Degrees
Information Technology, Interactive Multimedia, Associate in Applied Science IMM Career Degrees
Information Technology, Network Engineering, Associate in Applied Science DPRN Career Degrees
Information Technology, Web Development, Associate in Applied Science ITWD Career Degrees
Information Technology, Web Programming, Certificate of Competency CSWP Certificates
Interactive Multimedia, Certificate IMMC Certificates
Liberal Arts, Associate in Arts LA Transfer Degrees
Machine Tool Technology, Associate in Applied Science MTT Career Degrees
Manufacturing Operations, Certificate of Proficiency MAN Certificates
Mathematics/Natural Science Associate in Science MNS Transfer Degrees
Medical Assistant, Associate in Applied Science MED Career Degrees
Medical Assistant, Certificate of Proficiency CMED Certificates
Medical Billing, Certificate MB Certificates
Medical Coding and Billing, Associate in Applied Science MCBA Career Degrees
Medical Coding and Billing, Certificate MC Certificates
Municipal Police Academy, Certificate MPT Certificates
Network Engineering, Certificate of Competency NETC Certificates
Nursing, Associate in Applied Science NURS Career Degrees
Office Administration, Certificate of Competency OAC Certificates
Paralegal Studies, Associate in Applied Science PLG Career Degrees
Paralegal Studies, Certificate of Proficiency CPLG Certificates
Paramedic - Advanced Life Support, Associate in Applied Science EMTP Career Degrees
Paramedic, Certificate of Proficiency MEDX Certificates
Perioperative Nursing, Certificate of Competency NURP Certificates
Photography, Associate in Fine Arts PHO Transfer Degrees
Plumbing Apprenticeship, Certificate PLB Certificates
Plumbing Technology, Certificate of Competency PLBC Certificates
Political Science, Associate in Arts POL Transfer Degrees
Process Control Technology, Certificate of Proficiency PCT Certificates
Psychology, Associate in Science PSY Transfer Degrees
Residential Electrical, Certificate of Competency ELT Certificates
Respiratory Therapy, Associate in Applied Science RESP Career Degrees
RN First Assistant in Surgery, Certificate of Competency NURR Certificates
Science for Health Professions, Associate in Science HSCI Transfer Degrees
Skilled Trades, Associate in Applied Science SKTR Career Degrees
Social Work, Associate in Arts SWO Transfer Degrees
Sociology, Associate in Science SOC Transfer Degrees
Spanish for the Professions 1 SPA1 Certificates
Spanish for the Professions 2 SPA2 Certificates
Studio Arts, Associate in Fine Arts STU Transfer Degrees
Surgical Technology, Associate in Applied Science ORT Career Degrees
Technical Studies, Associate in Applied Science TSTU Career Degrees
Theatre Arts, Certificate of Competency THEC Certificates
Web Development, Certificate of Competency WEB Certificates
Welding Technology, Certificate Competency WLD Certificates