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Process Control Certificate Program

Process Control


Train for a Process Control Technician job within a year

The recent oil and natural gas boom is creating jobs across the United States, and more specifically, the Marcellus Shale pipeline has created thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania. Not only are these jobs open and in high-demand, they’re high-paying and serve many industries, including food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. At Delaware County Community College we’re prepared to train you for one. Our Process Control Certificate Program can be completed in less than a year and will help you transition seamlessly into a career in advanced manufacturing technology.

Responsibilities of a Process Control Technician

  • Monitoring control room functions of the delivery of products in an automated workflow
  • Maintaining equipment, including valves, fittings, pressure and measurement equipment
  • Oversee the calibration of the equipment
  • Ensure that the facility complies with state and EPA regulations
  • Monitor the safety aspects of the equipment

Process Control Industries

Natural Gas

Oil Distribution

Food Processing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Process Control Technology, Certificate of Competency

This certificate is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to seek employment as Process Operators/Technicians in automated manufacturing and production facilities. The program provides students with an introduction to the concepts, theory, principles, and technical demands, as well as the hazards, and accident prevention aspects associated with the operation of processing equipment.

Process Control Technology Courses

CHE 101 - Introduction to General Chemistry PCT 101 - Introduction to Process Technology PCT 115 - Process Control II
MAT 110 - Technical Mathematics 1 PCT 110 - Safety, Health and the Environment PCT 120 - Unit Operations
MAT 111 - Technical Mathematics II PCT 111 - Process Control I TCC 111 - Technical Communication
PCT 100 - Plant Equipment