Public Services and Social Science

Public Service and Social Science Division

Welcome to the Division of Public Services and Social Science (PS&SS) where you can find a roadmap to any career. With programs in the fields of Education, Early Childhood Education, Behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology), Human Services, Insurance and Administration of Justice, students may explore a diversity of options to support any career in a variety of fields.

Courses infused with theory, practical applications, resources and academic rigor, provide students with first-hand knowledge to conquer real-world challenges. In addition, the diversity of programs and courses in PS&SS allow students to sample and consider many ongoing and significant social issues, such as:

  • Teaching in a culturally diverse classroom
  • Fostering early learning in children birth to age five
  • Navigating intelligently in a global market
  • Appreciating social justice and human service issues
  • Coping with problematic or abnormal behavior
  • Examining issues and problems within the U.S. Criminal Justice system

Delaware County Community College students enrolled in PS&SS programs benefit from collaborations, articulations, and dual enrollment with fellow colleges and Universities. If you are a student seeking to solidify your education to foster your own success, enroll in Public Services and Social Science programs and courses. 

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National Accreditation for Early Childhood Education Program

NAEYC accreditedThe College's Early Childhood Education program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The NAEYC Commission on Early Childhood Associate Degree Accreditation awards accreditation to associate degree programs that demonstrate evidence of meeting the Professional Preparation Standards. Accreditation provides a framework for self-study, external evaluation, and improvement in the quality of teacher preparation programs. NAEYC is the world's largest organization working on behalf of young children.

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Program Specifics

Programs Major Code Type
Administration of Justice, Associate in Arts AADJ Transfer Degrees
Behavioral Science - Anthropology, A.S. BANT Transfer Degrees
Child Development Associate, Certificate ECA Certificates
Early Childhood Director, Certificate ECD Certificates
Early Childhood Education, Associate in Arts ECED Transfer Degrees
Education, A.A. EDUC Transfer Degrees
History, Associate in Arts HIS Transfer Degrees
Paralegal Studies, A.A.S. PLG Career Degrees
Paralegal Studies, Certificate CPLG Certificates
Psychology, Associate in Science PSY Transfer Degrees
Social Work, Associate in Arts SWO Transfer Degrees
Sociology, Associate in Science. SOC Transfer Degrees