Students with Disabilities

Delaware County Community College is committed to student success – and we welcome students with disabilities to our campus!

In accordance with Section 504 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the College ensures equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Students with learning, AD/HD, physical, and/or psychological disabilities seeking accommodations must contact the Director of Disability Services and provide current, comprehensive documentation.

We’re here to help you succeed in your studies and make your College experience as fulfilling as possible!

Getting Started

  • Submit an application for admission to the College
  • When you receive your acceptance letter, it will direct you to schedule a placement test
    • The College placement test provides adequate time for most students with LD or ADD issues
    • For questions on accommodations for a physical disability, call 610-359-5229
  • After you have taken the placement test, schedule a college planning session to review your scores and schedule classes
  • Submit disability documentation to the Office of Disability Services

Documenting Your Disability

If you have a disability and are requesting accommodations, your must contact the Director of Disability Services and provide the appropriate documentation. You will need a current comprehensive assessment battery and the resulting diagnostic report, including an interview assessment of aptitude and academic achievement. For full details, please view the Disability Documentation Requirements.

(Special Note: A school plan, such as an individualized education program (IEP), can be included as part of a more comprehensive assessment battery but is not considered sufficient documentation.)

Please mail or fax your documents to:

Director of Disability Services
Delaware County Community College
901 S. Media Line Road
Media, PA 19063, 1094

Requesting Accommodations

Once you have submitted the proper documentation for your disability, the next step is to schedule an interview with the Director of Disability Services during which you will discuss your disability and what accommodations have been helpful in the past.

Make sure you also:

  • Pick up your accommodation letters every semester during the first week of classes in the Career and Counseling Center on the Marple Campus or at the Learner Services at other campuses
  • Communicate your needs to your instructors. If you experience difficulty with this process, please contact the Director of Disability Services 
  • Take advantage of the support services available to help you in the Learning Commons, Tutoring Lab and Career and Counseling Center

To schedule an appointment or if you have questions, please call 610-359-5229.

Making the transition to college

This is an exciting time in your life as you prepare to make the transition from high school to college. Students with learning disabilities are succeeding at a wide range of colleges and universities if they have the ability, preparation, desire and opportunity to do so.

Accommodations are designed to “level the playing field” based on your disability. They do not alter the essential nature of course requirements. Some of the accommodations you may be eligible for include:

  • Extended test time
  • Testing in a less distractive environment
  • Having tests read to you
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Spelling allowances
  • Assistive technology
  • Interpreters