First-Year Experience

At Delaware County Community College, we believe in the value of getting off to a good start. That’s why we place so much importance on the experience you have during your first year of college. And it’s why we’re here with extra support during this critical time.

To help all students do well, the College has established the Office of Student Success and First-Year Experiences. Our helpful staff work one-on-one with first-year students, easing their transition to college. We also can guide you to the College programs that meet your needs and put you on the path to success.

The Office of Student Success and First-Year Experiences relies on a number of outreach activities to help our students in that all-important first year, providing close interaction with new students as well as services like:

  • Perkins laptop loan program that provides technological support for students pursuing AAS degree or Certificate at the College
  • Educational Workshops designed to help students excel both inside and outside of the classroom
  • College planning, to help you choose courses that are right for you
  • New student orientation, to get you off to a good start
  • Mentoring that connects 1st year students with experienced and professional and peer mentors

We also offer valuable services for students at all stages of their college career:

  • Learn about and get references to available College services such as tutoring, financial aid, library services, information technology, personal and career counseling, and more
  • Connect to campus activities, such as clubs and student organizations, that will enhance your college experience
  • Receive guidance about the course selection process

View the Fall 2014 Student Success newsletter.

All of these efforts have a common aim: to help you stay in school, complete your studies and reach your goals.