A Message from our President

Are you ready to prepare for one of the “hot jobs” of the 21st century?

Do you want to be a software engineer or veterinarian? Perhaps you’re interested in one of the fast-growing “green” jobs, such as environmental engineering or geothermal heating and cooling. Or maybe you like hands-on work and see yourself as a modern-day machinist using CNC, a drafter using CAD, or an automotive technician using the latest computer diagnostics.

These are just a few of the high paying jobs that are in demand and expected to flourish in the coming years. They also have something very important in common: they all require training in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Just a few years ago, most technical jobs did not require an education beyond high school. That’s no longer the case. Today’s high-skill, high-paying jobs require more than a high school diploma: they may call for an associate degree, a certificate, a bachelor’s degree or more.

Wherever you are in your life or career, we can help you prepare for one of today’s – and tomorrow’s – “hot jobs” in the STEM fields.

That’s because Delaware County Community College is an educational leader in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In recent years, we’ve made a major investment in STEM education.

As a result, we have the programs, facilities and expertise to put you on the path to a rewarding and profitable career. For example, our brand-new $60 million STEM Complex, comprised of the high-tech STEM Center (pictured below) and the Advanced Technology Center, is one of the most progressive and distinctive in the region. Read more about our STEM and Advanced Technology Centers.

Delaware County Community College STEM Center

Delaware County Community College STEM Center Brochure

So whether you’re math shy or a math whiz, a high school student looking toward college or a current professional seeking to advance or change your career, we can help you prepare for success in one of the STEM fields.

STEM-related careers make up one of the fastest-growing segments of the 21st century marketplace. In fact, even in this time of recession, many jobs in the STEM fields are going unfilled because of a lack of qualified candidates. And here’s another plus: you’ll find that salaries in the STEM fields are much higher than those in other disciplines.

Delaware County Community College ATC Center

Opportunities in the STEM fields run the gamut – from solar technician to robotics engineer to research scientist. Chances are there’s a STEM career that’s right for you.

There’s no better time than now to begin preparing for one of these high-demand positions. And for Delaware and Chester County residents, there’s no better or more cost-effective place to begin than right here at Delaware County Community College.

Jerome S. Parker, Ph.D.