Students work with a visiting teaching M.D.

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Susan Coppock
Program Assistant

Phone: 610-359-5029


Certified Nursing Assistant

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If you are a nurturing and sensitive individual who wants to convert passion into a career, consider training as a nursing assistant at Delaware County Community College. The College offers a specialized “Excellence in Care” program as a 133-hour intensive course that prepares students for employment in acute care, acute rehab, hospice, home health care and long-term care facilities.

Our students enjoy a rigorous training program led by professionals with regional experience and insights. Coupled with 60 hours of required clinical experience, students completing the program are well suited to compete for these high demand jobs.

In addition to clinical preparation, this course emphasizes a number of life-enrichment themes that can offer profound and permanent benefits for students:

  • Leadership skills
  • Service excellence values
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Interpersonal and civility skills in the workplace
  • Professionalism and employability skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time and stress management

Students completing this course are qualified to test with the American Red Cross and placed on the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry.

Departmental approval is required to enroll in the course to comply with federal and state legislative requirements-OBRA and Act 14.

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