Lifelong Learner

At Delaware County Community College, we believe that learning should last a lifetime.  

That’s why we offer programs for learners of all ages, from preschoolers to seniors.  Whether you’re looking to advance your career or for personal enrichment, you can find what you’re looking for in our community programs.  

Here’s what we offer:  

  • Computer training 
    Learn a new software program or earn professional certification—we have courses and programs at all levels.  
  • Personal enrichment
    Learn a language, explore the arts, manage your money and much more.  
  • Professional advancement 
    Move ahead in your current field or begin a new career through our courses and professional certification programs. 
  • Programs for kids and teens
    Young learners from 5 to 15 can choose from a wide range of courses, covering everything from cartooning to chemistry to cooking.  
  • ESL 
    Learn English as a Second Language (ESL) and develop your skills in both writing and conversation through our ESL classes.  
  • GED preparation
    Prepare to take the GED test.  
  • Health and fitness 
    Take a class in yoga, t’ai chi or even the zumba!
  • Adult Student Information
    Learn about programs and services to help prospective and current adult students transition to college.
  • Veterans Services
    Learn about benefits and programs to help veterans.
  • Credit for Prior Learning
    Learn about how to receive college credit for your prior learning.

Learn more about Community Education and Training

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