ART 232 - Portfolio Seminar

Course Description

This advanced-level course for graphic design majors covers the creation and selection of artwork required in job, college transfer and co-op interview situations. Demonstration, discussion, independent study and formal critiques will augment studio work. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: Select, critique and refine a body of personal artwork that represents a range of artistic abilities and media. Mount and present artwork in a professional manner. Create a logical sequence for personal artwork presentation. Examine and select portfolio pieces appropriate for a specific interview. Archive two and three-dimensional work on appropriate media. Select a portfolio format appropriate for a specific audience. Design and produce a self-promotional leave-behind. Write and design a resume or intention letter. Define and solve a design problem that exhibits integration of studio skills from several courses. Make a portfolio presentation to a small group outlining project objectives, methods and materials. Solve projects in a unique and creative manner. Produce content as an effective form of visual communication. Communicate issues of critical thinking skills through the creation of artworks and participation in the formal critique process.

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2

Course Prerequisites: ART 131, ART 215 and ART 230