NET 117 - Microsoft Window Server 2008 Active Directory

Course Description

This course is designed for students who support or plan to support Microsoft (MS) Windows Server (currently 2008) Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Students will learn to install, configure, and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory components: Domain Services, Lightweight Directory Services, Certificate Services, Federation Services, and Rights Management Services in a forest or domain. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: Install and deploy MS Active Directory Services Configure a Read-Only Domain Controller Configure Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Establish and maintain trust relationships Configure Active Directory replication Configure the global catalog and operations masters Create and maintain users, computers and groups Create an OU Software Use the Group Policy Management Console to configure Group Policy settings Plan and configure an Audit Policy and account policies Manage software through Group Policy Manage Group Policy Management MMC snap-in Maintain and Back up Active Directory using the Reliability and Performance Monitor Create DNS zones and configure additional services-AD RMS & ADFS Install Active Directory Certificate Services Configure certificate revocation, certificate templates and certificate enrollments Configure Certificate Authority Server settings

Credit Hours: 4
Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 2

Course Prerequisites: NET 116