Terms you need to know

Academic Building

The Academic building is the largest of the four main buildings on the Marple (or main) campus, tucked just behind Founders Hall, and attached to the north-western wing of the new STEM Center. See a campus map >>


The Academy for College Excellence (ACE) was launched in the fall of 2010 as a program aimed at helping students that struggled in high school get better prepared for handling college-level course work. In short, it is committed to helping students that may have struggled previously to achieve success at the college level. Learn more >>

AET Center (aka Tech bldg.)

The Advanced Technology Center is the first of two buildings to be part of the College's STEM Complex. The new complex transforms the Marple Campus and the way we deliver education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Learn more >>


Banner is the system that records and organizes employee, class and student data.

Branch campuses

Delaware County Community College currently has five campuses: the main campus, known as the Marple campus, is in Media. Branch campuses include Southeast Center (Sharon Hill), Downingtown, Exton, Pennocks Bridge (West Grove). There are also multiple teaching sites throughout Delaware and Chester counties. Learn more >>


An academic division of the College: Communications, Arts and Humanities.
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Curriculum Advising and Program Planning: A tool for students to plan their course / degree path.


College Advisory System
The College Advisory System (CAS) at the College is a system of representative committees composed of students, support staff, administrators, and faculty. Its mission is to provide:

  • A vehicle so that ideas from all constituencies will receive consideration
  • Dialog on substantive educational issues
  • Aforum to deliberate and reach consensus on items of College-wide interest

The College Advisory System consists of six standing committees and a Steering Panel. All members of the committees and the Steering Panel are to be elected.

Standing Committees

  • Academic Affairs
  • Institutional Resources
  • Student Affairs
  • Curriculum Review
  • Assessment Processes
  • Professional Development

More information about the CAS can be found on the Faculty tab in delaGate.


Course Reference Number
A unique course identifier for credit courses.


delaGATE is the College's secured digital portal designed to facilitate communications with staff and students. It provides employees with access to specfic HR payroll and policy links, students with access to WebStudy and financial aid links, and a plethora of other helpful datum.

Login by visiting dccc.edu and click on “delaGATE” located at the top the page. Login and password information is provided by Human Resources: your login credential begins with “P00...”  If you have any issues with access, call the help desk at 610-359-5211.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid: The FAFSA is the most important document for students seeking financial aid, grants, scholarships and a variety of other mechanisms. Students with finacial aid issues are encouraged to call the Financial Aid Office. View information >>

Founders Hall

Located on the main campus, it is home to most administrative offices, the bookstore, campus life, First Year Experience, a cafeteria and library.
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Grade Codes: AU

Auditing students can attend class without receiving an official grade.

Grade Codes:

An IN (Incomplete) grade should be used only when the instructor feels the student can complete course requirements within a semester without registering and repeating the course. If the work is not completed during the following semester, the "IN" is automatically changed to an "F."

Grade Codes:  IP

In Progress
An official grade indicating the student to be making positive progress toward the completion of course objectives. Requires re-registration for said course in a subsequent semester.

Grade Codes: IW

Instructor Initiated Withdrawal
A registration code indicating the student to be in violation of course attendance policies, results in a transcripted grade of W.

Grade Codes: MW

Medical Withdrawal
A registration code indicating the student documented need to withdraw due to extraordinary circumstances, results in a transcripted grade of W and the receipt of a tuition credit for the courses involved.


Groupwise is an enterprise software platform that manages email, personal calendars, document management and other communication requirements.


Learning Commons
The Learning Commons houses library, tutoring, writing and technology services for students at the Marple Campus and most branch campuses.


Master Course Outline
The MCO for a course is the official college document that defines and governs that course.  It contains the constitutive elements of the course, namely the description and the competencies.  It also contains many other elements that are necessary for the assessment and review of the course.

There is a new MCO form for this academic year (2011-12) and a new procedure for creating the MCO. Those documents and guidelines for completing the MCO can be found in the CAS section of the faculty tab in DelaGATE. Faculty members are encouraged to talk to the faculty delegate or members of the Curriculum Review or Academic Affairs committees for further information.


Q-Time was originally developed to reserve time for meetings and events on the Marple campus. Q-Time begins at 11:10 AM and ends at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

SI and ISI

Supplemental Instruction / Individualized Supplemental Instruction
SI was designed to help students develop skills in courses including mathematics, English and reading. 




Delaware County Community College's $60 million STEM Complex positions the College as a regional leader in STEM education, attracting more students to rewarding fields in high-growth, high-demand occupations. The two buildings that form the complex, the STEM Center and the Advanced Technology Center, are a magnet for the study of STEM fields. Together, the centers house 11 science laboratories and 12 specialized laboratories for customized education and training developed in partnership with local industry leaders. Learn more >>

Teaching Sites

In addition to its six principle locations (Marple, Chester County Hospital, Downingtown, Exton, Pennocks Bridge and the Southeast Center), Delaware County Community College also offers classes at various teaching sites.


Webstudy is an interactive course management system that teachers can use to post lesson plans, curriculum and course materials for students.