For Adjunct Faculty

To all Part-time Faculty:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the President, and the entire college community, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Delaware County Community College.

The College is an open-admission institution serving the variety of learning needs of a diverse population. Expanding access and student-centered instruction are primary goals. We strive to provide opportunity for the greatest number of students to earn degrees or certificates that will enable them to secure better futures.

The College is also an Achieving the Dream institution and, as such, student success is at the core of our mission. The retention of students, especially those new to our college, is a challenge and we look forward to combining our efforts to achieve this goal.

To support you in these efforts, we have established the Center to Promote Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Together with the assistant deans, the Center’s staff conducts professional development activities, provides technical support and information on a variety of instructional models, and is available to discuss your individual needs. You can access the Center from delaGATE on the Faculty tab, or by navigating to "About Us" then clicking on "For Our Faculty."

Furthermore, two of the tools to which you have access is delaGATE, the college’s official communications portal, and WebStudy, the college’s course management system. Through these systems you can manage your course on-line and maintain regular communication with your students. You can contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to discuss ways to effectively use the portal with your class.

If you are teaching at a satellite site, you will also have access to the many resources that those sites provide. Please contact the assistant dean, dean, or site director to discuss these services.

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Please feel free to contact your department with any questions you may have and enjoy the upcoming semester. We look forward to working with you here at Delaware County Community College!

Virginia M. Carter, Ed.D.