Success Stories

Ashley C.

“The College gave me a scholarship based on my high school record and financial need.”

Haverford High School, class of 2004
Entered Delaware County Community College, fall 2004
Received full tuition scholarship

“I decided to come to Delaware County Community College to start my college education because it’s the best place to meet my academic and financial needs.

“Tuition is very affordable – the numbers speak for themselves! My mom is a single parent, and we can’t afford tuition at other institutions, even local ones. I plan to be a social worker and didn’t want to begin my career with a lot of loans to pay back. The College gave me a financial aid package based on my high school record and financial need.

“My goal is to earn a master’s degree in social work. I know Delaware County Community College offers the behavioral science courses I need plus support services like ACT 101, counseling, tutoring, study labs and many others. Even services I don’t think I need now – I know they are there and I have the option to use them later.

“I have taken courses in English, math, psychology and computers. I enrolled in a math course at the College the summer before I started full-time classes so I could get a head start on my studies in the fall and stay on track to graduate in two years.

“I’m not the first person in my family ever to go to college, but I intend to be the first to finish! I think I’m getting the best possible start at Delaware County Community College. It was a smart choice for me.”

Jessica A.

“In my very first class, my first impression was that I finally found what I had been searching for.”

Delaware County Community College’s Chester County Campus

“For some people, enrolling in a four-year institution is not always an option. However, enrolling at Delaware County Community College enabled me to begin setting my plans for the future in motion.

“I quit college more than 10 years ago and learned the hard lesson of facing life without an education. In fact, until I enrolled at the College, I wasn’t sure I had any potential at all.

“So I filled out the paperwork, took all the placement tests and tracked down my college transcripts. I was given just enough financial aid to get started again. In my very first class, my first impression was that I finally found what I had been searching for.

“At the College, I have been educated by some of the finest, most intelligent, professors I ever experienced. I have been inspired, supported and encouraged. I earned high enough grades to qualify for a scholarship. My life has changed and for the better.

“I am planning to transfer to Temple University as a communications major studying broadcast journalism, telecommunications and media. Delaware County Community College created the window of opportunity I needed and made it possible to follow my dream.”

Diane G.

“The atmosphere has been the perfect environment for my career preparation.”

Certificate of Competency, Residential Carpentry

“Delaware County Community College’s New Choices Career Development Program program led the way for me to take my life in a whole new direction. It had never entered my mind to be a carpenter. But when my New Choices group visited the College’s technical education classrooms to check out their programs, I noticed a woman working with a saw. I was hooked!

“As a non-traditional student in a non-traditional field, I received a grant to complete my carpentry certificate. The atmosphere has been the perfect environment for my career preparation. I plan to go on to earn a second certificate in residential carpentry and open my own business. My kids are quite inspired when they see their mother on the roof!”