Achieving the Dream

In 2006, Delaware County Community College was selected to participate in Achieving the Dream, a national effort to help more community college students succeed.  We’re proud to be part of this important project, which includes 14 national partners and 83 community colleges in 15 states.

What is Achieving the Dream?  

Community colleges enroll almost half of all undergraduate students in the country.  With their open admissions and affordable costs, they offer many students an educational opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have.  Unfortunately, far too many students are leaving community colleges without meeting their educational goals.  

Achieving the Dream was created to help more community college students succeed – by completing courses, earning degrees and certificates, and transferring to four-year schools to continue their studies.  This national initiative focuses on students who have faced the greatest barriers to success, including low-income students and students of color.  

In the Achieving the Dream model, every decision made at a college – from setting educational strategies and allocating resources to scheduling classes – is grounded in data about student outcomes.  In addition, participating colleges are identifying practices that will help more students continue their studies and earn certificates and degrees.  

Achieving the Dream also works on other fronts – research, public engagement and public policy – to improve student success at community colleges.  

What is the College doing as part of Achieving the Dream?

The College has launched several intervention projects to help at-risk students succeed.  For example, we are providing intensive faculty-student conferencing to English composition students and supplemental instruction to those enrolled in developmental math.  With each project, we track student outcomes to measure the success of the intervention.  

The College is also partnering with local K-12 schools to offer summer programs, a Health Academy and other joint efforts that put young, at-risk students on the path to higher education and careers.  

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