Photography, Certificate

Program of Study Attributes: 
Gainful Employment

This Certificate of Competency is designed to give students the knowledge to handle the science, craft and artistic merit of photography. The courses offered in this program provide a platform to bridge the technological gap between traditional and rapidly changing digital methods. Students will be exposed to a variety of tools and techniques that employ the use of photographic films, paper, chemicals, and computer applications in photography.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Calculate, process and print exposures correctly.
  • Pre-visualize subject matter for black and white photographs and determine film speed.
  • Prepare and use toners safely.
  • Apply large format camera work to studio subject matter by arranging and lighting objects to render perspective and depth of field correctly.
  • Integrate knowledge of conventional analog into digital photography techniques.
  • Produce a portfolio of black and white or color photographs, which will incorporate analog and digital techniques.

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Required CoursesCredits
ART 160 - Black and White Photography I3
ART 161 - Black and White Photography II3
ART 162 - Black and White Photography III3
ART 169 - Medium and Large Format Photography3
ART 166 - Black and White Digital Negative
OR ART 175 - Color Photography and the Digital Printing Workflow
3 OR 3

Total Credits: 15


Photography - Certificate - 2006 to Present

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