Machining Operations Level I, Certificate

This certificate is designed to prepare the student for entry-level positions in manufacturing environments utilizing conventional machining equipment. Concepts covered include mathematical applications in machining, drawings as a communication tool, and exposure to a variety of equipment used in manufacturing. Program completers will be prepared to seek positions as entry-level inspectors, or lathe, milling, drilling, or grinding machine operators/machinists.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Perform English and Metric computations involving numeric and literal problems.
  • Discuss the purpose, the importance, the types, and various uses of engineering drawings, as they relate to the design and manufacture of parts.
  • Communicate the purpose of a title sheet, and relate the value of each of its components to the process of completing a finished product.
  • Elaborate on the reading of operational notes and annotations on a drawing using trade terminology
  • Compare and contrast hardness and machinability ratings.
  • Demonstrate procedures for set-up and operation of various sawing, drilling, offhand, and surface grinding machines.
  • Set-up and operate a conventional engine lathe to complete intermediate to advanced operations involving trepanning, tool post grinding, radius-turning devices, threading (tap/die) heads, steady, and follower rests.
  • Select accessories and attachments, set-up and use face plates, independent, universal, and combination chucks, collect attachments, and a steady rest to facilitate internal surface feature creation such as radii, bores (straight, and tapered), grooves, and chased threads on a lathe.
  • Perform machine head/table and workholding device alignments.
  • Calculate and set speeds and feeds, and perform drilling, milling, grinding and other machine operations.

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Required CoursesCredits
MTT 108 - Mathematics for Occupational Technologies 3
MTT 110 - Print Layout and Measurement for Machining 4
MTT 111 - Introduction to Manufacturing 3
MTT 112 - Lathe Operations I 3
MTT 124 - Milling Operations I 3

MTT 199 Optional Co-op / Internship  3 Credits

Total Credits: 16

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