Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Certificate

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) occupations program prepares graduates for employment with HVAC&R installation and service contractors and/or facilities maintenance positions. Having achieved the competencies of this program, students are prepared for full-time employment at an entry-level position or, if already in the fields, to advance in their organization.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of program requirements, students should be able to:

  • Identify the functions of components in residential and light commercial HVAC&R equipment.
  • Explain the use of tools and materials in the installation and service of HVAC&R equipment.
  • Describe the cycle of operation of residential and light commercial HVAC&R equipment.
  • Interpret wiring diagrams.
  • Diagnose trouble in operating safety controls.
  • Perform specific start-up procedures to ensure operational efficiency and safety of HVAC&R equipment.
  • Cite the procedure of heat loss and heat gain load calculations.
  • Handle refrigerant and detail potential environment hazards of fluorocarbons.
  • Detail the techniques of servicing equipment and start-up to develop service ability and hands-on experience.
  • State the techniques of installing equipment.

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Required CoursesCredits
HVA 100 - Introduction to Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Electrical Fabrication 2
HVA 101 - Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2
HVA 103 - Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2
HVA 104 - Practical Problems in Mathematics for HVAC&R Technicians 3
HVA 106 - Basic Piping for Contractors 2
HVA 200 - Advanced HVACR Electrical Fabrication 2
HVA 201 - Refrigerant Certification 2
HVA 202 - Oil/Gas Burner Service 2
HVA 203 - Heat Pump Systems 2
HVA 204 - Blueprint Reading for HVAC 2

Total Credits: 21

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