Emergency Medical Technician, Certificate of Competency

Program of Study Attributes: 
Gainful Employment

The Emergency Medical Technician, Certificate of Competency prepares students to function as an entry level Emergency Medical Technician. The student will learn to evaluate scene safety, assess a patient's medical or trauma condition and how to treat and transport a patient safely to an appropriate medical facility. In addition, the student will be introduced to the skills and knowledge needed to develop an understanding of the language of medicine.

According to the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee, which is made up of Emergency Medical Services personnel in Delaware and Chester counties, the job market for Emergency Medical Services workers is steady. The Department of Labor projects a 33.3% growth in the need for EMT's through 2020. This data indicates that there is an ongoing need for well-trained Emergency Services personnel.

The mission of the college is to "offer educational programs and services that are accessible, comprehensive, community centered and flexible in order to enhance the development of the community and residents of its service area". This curriculum is geared towards the individual who has a desire to enter the public service area and serve residents of Delaware and Chester Counties, and is highly compatible with the college's mission.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to

  • Assess and control hazards present to self, victim and bystanders at the scene of a pre-hospital medical or trauma event.
  • Communicate patient care information in an effective, professional manner both written and verbal.
  • Assess and provide emergency care to victims suffering from a medical or traumatic event.
  • Analyze and prioritize patient care based on the patient assessment, which includes the recognition and stabilization of life-threatening conditions and the identification of patients who require rapid transport for definitive care.
  • Describe patient conditions, anatomical landmarks and functions of the body system using correct medical terminology.

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First Semester (12 credits)

EMS 100 - Emergency Medical Technician9
AHM 233 - Medical Terminology3

Students entering this certificate program are required to complete a Criminal History or Disciplinary Action Reporting Form at the beginning of the Emergency Medical Technician course in compliance with the regulations of the Pennylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS.

Total Credits: 12

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Emergency Medical Technician - Certificate - 2012 to Present