Carpentry (Residential), Certificate

Program of Study Attributes: 
Gainful Employment

This certificate is designed to prepare the student for entry-level positions in the occupational specialty of residential carpentry. The Certificate of Competency in Residential Carpentry will be awarded upon successful completion of the competencies as outlined below. Students who complete the program will be prepared to seek positions as entry-level carpenters. The program focuses on carpentry involving basic carpentry processes. Relevant theory and skills in solving basic mathematical problems, blueprint reading, and the safe use of hand tools, power tools and other equipment and materials of the trade will be addressed.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Interpret plans. Lay out carpentry procedures.
  • Identify the different structural components and their sequence as it relates to construction.
  • Interpret building specifications and regulations as they relate to building construction.
  • Estimate carpentry materials and labor costs to complete a project.
  • Complete a rough carpentry project.
  • Frame a structure.
  • Perform finished carpentry work.
  • Apply roofing material.
  • Erect dry wall.
  • Define roofing and siding terms.
  • Describe and apply roofing felt, organic and/or fiberglass asphalt shingles and roll roofing.
  • Apply aluminum and vinyl siding.
  • Identify flash valleys, sidewalls, chimneys, and other roof obstructions.
  • Cut and bend roll aluminum to fit exterior trim and soffits.
  • Apply and cut fanfold exterior insulation.
  • Estimate needed roofing and siding materials.
  • Describe and apply wood shingles and shakes to roof underlayment.
  • Flash hip-valley and ridge roofs according to specific application.
  • Apply wood shingles and shakes to siding.
  • Apply T 111 siding (registered name of the manufacturer).
  • Explain the uses and applications of brick, stone and stucco siding.
  • Estimate required amounts of roofing and siding.

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Required CoursesCredits
CPT 100 - Introduction to Carpentry4
CPT 101 - Concepts of Carpentry Design4
CPT 200 - Advanced Framing Design4
TCS 100 - Construction Blueprint Reading3
OCS 102 - International Code Council (Uniform Constuction Code)3
CPT 160 - Introduction to Roofing and Siding4
CPT 260 - Advanced Roofing and Siding4
Program ElectivesCredits
CPT 153 - Advanced Furniture Building2
CPT 150 - Introduction to Cabinetmaking2
CPT 151 - Furniture Building2
CPT 152 - Home Remodeling/Additions2

Total Credits: 26


Carpentry-Residential-Certificate - 2002 to Present

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