Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.

Paralegal Studies is an associate degree program intended to train a generalist paralegal. Graduates are likely to find employment as paralegals under the direction of attorneys (to do otherwise would be practicing law without a license) in law firms, legal departments of large corporations, insurance companies, title companies, legal service companies and federal, state or local governmental agencies.

Students who wish to pursue additional education in law or in other disciplines as part of their future plans should consult with an advisor before selecting courses.

Upon completion of this program, students are awarded the associate in applied science degree.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the associate degree program in Paralegal Studies, students should be able to:

  • Conduct legal research to identify the appropriate laws, judicial decisions, regulations and other legal literature applicable to specific legal problems.
  • Research and draft written memoranda as directed by an attorney
  • Research and draft pleadings and other legal documents as directed by an attorney
  • Investigate and develop the facts of a case under the direction of an attorney.
  • Assist an attorney to prepare a case for trial and assist during trial.
  • Maintain all relevant case documents.
  • Maintain files of a case including but not limited to correspondence, pleadings, reports and briefs
  • Draft basic documents applicable to contracts, real estate transactions, domestic relations, and estates, trusts and wills as well as other appropriate legal documents
  • Apply modern technology to the performance of legal work and tasks
  • Identify and analyze the ethical issues that arise for the Paralegal Professional

      Unauthorized Practice Law
      No person shall engage or assist a person who is not a member of the bar in the performance of activities that constitutes the unauthorized practice of law.

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First Semester (15 credits)

ENG 100 - Composition I3
PLG 130 - Technology in the Law3
PLG 100 - Introduction to Paralegal3
PLG 110 - Legal Research & Writing I3
Social Science Elective 3 Credits

Second Semester (15 credits)

COMM 100 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3
PLG 120 - Legal Research & Writing II3
PLG 140 - Contract Law3
* Mathematics Elective 3 Credits
Social Science/Humanities Elective 3 Credits

Fourth Semester (15 credits)

PLG 211 - Civil Litigation and Tort Applications3
PLG 220 - Real Estate Law3
PLG 230 - Estates, Trusts and Wills3
PLG Paralegal Elective 3 Credits
PLG 199 Co-op Internship / Paralegal Electives 3 Credits

* Business Mathematics (MATH 105) or any mathematics course numbered MAT 120 or higher may be used as an elective.


Total Credits: 60

  • For Paralegal programs, a maximum of 12 PLG (legal specialty) credits may be transferred in from an ABA accredited college or university.
  • 10 graded legal specialty graded credits must be completed at Delaware County Community College
  • No more than 9 legal specialty credits may be awarded for Credit for Prior Learning assessment by portfolio or exam.  (Contact Assessment Services, 610-359-5322 to schedule an initial phone appointment)


Paralegal Studies, AAS-2001 to present