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The College offers educational programs and services that are accessible, comprehensive, community-centered and flexible in order to provide students with a variety of learning options. Courses are offered throughout the week during the day, in the evening and on weekends, allowing you to find a schedule that balances the demands of everyday life with your pursuit of academic excellence. The College also conducts classes via the internet through Online and Hybrid Learning

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Weekend classes offer several advantages and allow you to add an elective course that may not be available during the week. Working adults can use their weekends to take classes they cannot fit in during the week. A broad range of classes – from developmental to specialized electives – is available. Many are offered in a hybrid format (classroom and online), and it’s even possible to take a full load of classes (12-15 credits) on just Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

Current College students can register online through the delaGATE portal or by making an appointment with their advisor. New students may begin the application process online or contact the Admissions Office.