Business and Computer Information Systems

Business CIS

Now more than ever, it’s the right time to consider a program in Business and Computer Information Systems (BUS/CIS) at Delaware County Community College!

The world’s eyes are turning to businesses to take the lead in economic revival, opportunity revitalization, and more. Successful business leaders need a complete and thorough understanding of how business works so they can compete for jobs in the global economy – jobs that have the potential to become satisfying careers.

Students at the College can choose from many degree and certificate programs with majors in such diverse fields as Business Administration, Marketing, Information Technology, Hotel Restaurant Management or Culinary Arts.

Complete an entire program at the College or transfer to one of more than 40 colleges and universities in the area, including Drexel University, West Chester University, Temple University, Cheyney University, Cabrini College, Penn State University, Villanova University, St. Joseph’s University and Widener University.

Test what you learn in the classroom in a real business situation when you take advantage of the College’s Cooperative Education/Internship Program.

Through the Co-op Program, students have access to a wide range of practical opportunities in private industry, government and not-for-profit organizations. Placements let you apply your classroom instruction to on-the-job experience.

The world of business is unlimited! Take the first steps at Delaware County Community College.

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Program Specifics



Programs Major Code Type Bottom Notes
Accounting (Professional), Certificate ACC Certificates

General Electives: Please two of the following: ACC 115, ACC 199, ACC 210, BUS 220 and BUS 243

Accounting, A.A.S. ACCT Career Degrees
Business Administration - General Business, A.S. BUAD Transfer Degrees

Guidelines for Areas of Concentration:
Students interested in focusing on accounting should take ACC 115, Computerized Accounting and BUS 232, Principles of Finance, as electives.
Sport Management:Students interested in focusing on Sport Management shoudl take BUS 212, Introduction to Sport Management, as a substitute for BUS 100 and BUS 236, Sport Marketing, as a subsititute for BUS 230; BUS 100 and BUS 230 should not be taken by Sports Management students.
Marketing: Students interested in focusing on Marketing should take BUS 231 as an elective.

Business electives for the BUAD degree should be chosen from the following courses: ACC 210, BUS 101, BUS 111, BUS 130, BUS 199, BUS 212 (only as subsititution for BUS 100), BUS 214, BUS 215, BUS 218, BUS 231, BUS 236 (only as subsititution for BUS 230), BUS 246, DPR 105).

In general, ECO 210 and 220 are transferred as Socia Science courses, satisfying a requirement in that discipline.  Some transfer institutions may transfer them as BUS courses, in which case students should consider taking 6 credits of Social Science electives to satisfy the General Education Social Science requirement at their transfer institution.

The BUAD curriculum is generally consistent with transfer institutions whose Business curricula are accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Students should check with their advisor or the Transfer Office for a list of these schools.

Under special circumstances, alternative courses may be permitted, either as required courses or electived courses, when recommended by the advisor and approved by the Dean, business/computer information systems.

Students who have had experience in the above areas may be awarded credit through the College's Credit for Prior Learning program.



Computer Science. Associate in Science CIS Transfer Degrees
Culinary Arts, Associate in Applied Science CUL Career Degrees
Culinary Arts, Certificate of Competency CULC Certificates
Entrepreneurship, Certificate BUSE Certificates
General Business, A.A.S. BGEN Career Degrees
Hotel and Restaurant Management, A.A.S. HRM Career Degrees
Human Resource Management, Certificate CHRM Certificates
Information Technology, Computer Programming, A.A.S. DPRP Career Degrees
Information Technology, Game Development, A.A.S. ITGD Career Degrees
Information Technology, Help Desk/Technical Support, A.A.S. DPM Career Degrees
Information Technology, Interactive Multimedia, A.A.S. IMM Career Degrees
Information Technology, Mobile Computing, A.A.S. MOB Career Degrees
Information Technology, Network Engineering, A.A.S. DPRN Career Degrees
Information Technology, Web Development, A.A.S. ITWD Career Degrees
Interactive Multimedia, Certificate IMMC Certificates
Mobile Computing, Certificate of Profiency MOBC Certificates
Small Business Management, Certificate CSBM Certificates
Web Development, Certificate of Competency WEB Certificates