Administrative Divisions

Office of the President

Jerome Parker, President

  • Craig Fitz, Assistant to the President - Strategic Planning
  • Anthony Twyman, Assistant to the President - Communications

Office of the Provost

Eric Wellington, Acting Provost

Allied Health, Emergency Services and Nursing

Sharvette Law Philmon, Interim Dean

  • Elaine E. Karr, Emergency Services Education

Business/Computer Information Systems / Public Services and Social Science

Richard T. McFadden Jr., Acting Dean

  • William S. Watson, Assistant Dean

Communication, Arts and Humanities

Robert Kleinschmidt, Dean

  • Sabuur Abdul-Kareem, Assistant Dean

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

John R. Agar Jr., Dean

  • Mark Schwartz, Assistant Dean

Workforce Development and Community Education

Karen Kozachyn, Dean

  • Radecka Appiah-Padi, Assistant Dean
  • Frank C. Agovino, Director, Contract Training & Special Programs
  • William Davis, Director, Municipal Police Academy
  • Nan L. Smith, Director, Community Education
  • Kevin W. Wood, Director, Workforce Training
  • Sherrod Watson, Director, Advanced Technology
  • J. Gary Csanady, Director, Technical Education

Institutional Effectiveness

Christopher Tokpah, Associate Vice Provost

  • Jacqueline Griego, Director, Institutional Research

Learning Support Services

Tonya Briggs, Dean, Educational Support Services

Dolores E. Martino, Acting Dean

  • Dawn M. Moscariello, Director, Learning Commons

Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Technology and E-Learning

Eric Wellington, Associate Provost for Academic Technology and E-Learning

  • Alexander Plachuta, Director, Online Learning Services
  • Lori Wushensky, Educational Technology Specialist
  • Tina Payne, Learning Technologies Support Specialist
  • Tina Shaffer, Instructional Design Specialist
  • Wayne Bender, Online Learning Support Specialist

Office of the Vice Provost and Vice President, Branch Campus Operations

Mary Jo Boyer, Vice Provost and Vice President, Branch Campus Operations

  • Kevin A. Ballisty, Director, Pennocks Bridge Campus
  • Ruth Bennett, Director, Brandywine and Downingtown Campuses
  • Shantelle K. Jenkins, Director, Exton Center and Phoenixville Campus
  • Jane Schurman, Director, Southeast and Upper Darby Centers

Office of the Vice Provost for Student and Instructional Support Services

Grant Snyder, Vice Provost for Student and Instructional Support Services

Betty Brown, Associate Dean, Student Success

  • Ann Binder, Director, Disability Services
  • Amy Williams Gaudioso, Director, Campus Life
  • Kendrick Mickens, Director, First-Year Experiences
  • Carol Mullin, Director, Assessment Services
  • Lametha Northern, Director, Act 101 Program

Christine Doyle, Associate Dean for Counseling & Completion Services

Charles Schnur, Director, Student Conduct

Office of the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer

John A. Glavin Jr., Vice President, Administration and Treasurer

Jeffrey S. Baun, Associate Vice President, Administration and Facilities Planning

  • Jenny M. Rarig, Director, Purchasing

William J. Markle, Associate Vice President, Finance

Tonino DeLuca, Director, Plant Operations and Construction Services

  • Raymond Viscusi, Director, Safety & Security

Carlos Garcia, Budget Director

Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management

Frances M. Cubberley, Vice President, Enrollment Management

  • Susan E. Bond, Director, Workforce Entry Center
  • Carlotta Daniels-Randolph, Managing Director, Student Workforce Employment Center
  • Lydia J. Dell’Osa, Director, International Student Services
  • Kathryn Diamond Rothstein, Director, Dual Enrollment & High School Initiatives
  • Hope L. Diehl, Director, Admissions and Enrollment Services
  • Sandra Gera, Director, Community Career Re-entry Programs
  • Thomas W. Lugg, Registrar
  • Raymond L. Toole, Director, Financial Aid
  • Ric Walliser, Executive Director, Integrated Enrollment

Office of the Vice President of Human Resources

Connie L. McCalla, Vice President, Human Resources

  • Christopher M. Dickerman, Director, Human Resources

Office of the Vice President for Information Technology

George J. Sullivan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology

Bianca Valente, Associate Chief Information Officer

  • Donald Sloat, Director, Technical Services
  • Mujtaba Talebi, Director, Web Services

Bob Hardcastle, Executive Director, Enterprise Services

Office of the Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Kathleen A. Breslin, Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Executive Director, Delaware County Community College Educational Foundation

  • Douglas J. Ferguson, Director of Alumni Programs
  • Daniel J. Kanak, Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Susan M. Shisler Rapp, Director, Grants Management