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Phone numbers

The following offices can give you more information about the various programs and services at the College.

Detailed list of contacts in Chester County

Admissions 610-359-5050
Allied Health 610-359-5285
Alumni 610-359-7399
Assessment Center 610-359-5322
Basic and Developmental Programs 610-359-5388
Bookstore 610-359-5180
Business Administration and Computer Information Systems 610-359-5278
Campus Life Office 610-359-5341
Career and Counseling Center 610-359-5324
Cashier 610-359-5118
Community Education and Non-credit Programs 610-359-5025
Course Information 610-723-4000
Customer Service 610-359-5000
delaGATE Support 610-359-5211
Distance Learning 610-359-5158
English As a Second Language 610-359-5050
Financial Aid 610-359-5330
GED Exam 610-359-7373
Wellness Center 610-359-5140
Institutional Advancement 610-359-5131
IT Certification Programs 610-359-7344
Kids and Teens Programs 610-359-5025
Learning Commons at Branch Campuses 610-325-2776
Liberal Arts Program 610-359-5398
Library 610-359-5149
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math 610-359-5282
Municipal Police Academy 610-359-5367
New Choices/New Options 610-359-5232
Non-credit Computer Programs 610-359-5025
Occupational Programs 610-359-5128
Public Relations 610-359-5134
Records 610-325-2838
Registration Non-credit Only 610-359-5024
Student Employment Services & Co-op 610-359-5304
Transfer Office 610-359-5060
Chester County Campus at Downingtown 484-237-6200
Exton Center 610-450-6500
Southeast Center 610-957-5700

For other Delaware County Community College offices, please call 610-359-5000. You can also leave additional comments or feedback for the webmaster.